The Egypt Experience

The Institute for Ancient Egypt is planning to take its world-famous exhibit of ancient Egyptian artifacts on tour in the United States. Rather than visiting museums, the Institute is planning to go to schools across the United States. They have selected your school as their first stop and have requested that your class help develop a plan to be used as a model to present their exhibit in an exciting and educational way.

The above is part of the scenario you can use to introduce The Egypt Experience to your students. This project provides students with the opportunity to master historical content, to learn how to conduct research, and to build upon their language and critical thinking skills as they assist the "Institute" in planning, organizing, advertising, and presenting its exhibit. Students become "authorities" on ancient Egyptian history and culture as the engage in the activities throughout the project.

The Egypt Experience project calls for cooperative groups of students to conduct in-depth, meaningful investigations into ancient Egyptian culture. This project addresses performance standards in English language arts, social studies, applied learning, mathematics, and art. It is divided into three distinct but interrelated learning units including a culminating presentation:

  • Phase One: Exploring Egypt: Students will engage in a series of activities that assesses and augments their background knowledge of ancient Egypt. They will determine which ancient artifacts should be placed on display to best represent the history and culture of ancient Egypt. Students will create a guidebook for the exhibition.
  • Phase Two: Engaging Egypt: Each student will focus on one of the many underlying stories of ancient Egypt. They will create educational products designed to teach visitors about the wonders and mysteries of this fascinating culture.
  • Phase Three: Egyptian Exhibition: The culminating event will be a celebration of student achievement. Students will present what they have learned and display their related projects to invited guests. They will create an animated overview to begin the day's activities.

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